Reiki Master
Inspirational Speaker

Ray and June Pigeon introduced their newborn Suzanne to her sister Jenny in October of 1961. A little over a year later, her little brother Joe completed the family. Yes, she grew up being the middle child!! World of wonders, that’s a good thing!!

North Bay, Ontario, Canada became home to Suzanne when she, Brigitte and Chantal moved there in 1983.

In 1990, Suzanne graduated from Canadore College as a Certified Dental Assistant and began working at the Callander Bay Dental Centre. She also worked for the North Bay and District Health Unit as a Dental Health Educator.

A life altering “Leap of Faith” occurred for Suzanne on October 1st, 2004 when she left her position and all the people she loves at Callander Bay Dental Centre, to dedicate all of her energy to a full time Reiki practice. Her faith in this Divine purpose has opened many wonderful doors of opportunity for Suzanne, and she continues to gracefully embrace all that opens up for her.

bookSuzanne’s book “Leap of Faith…From Fear to Fulfillment”, is another angelically inspired mission that truly speaks of Suzanne’s journey to fulfillment.

The desire to share insight, love, wisdom, experience and laughter, that Suzanne has, is realized through inspirational, motivational speaking. Her psychic awareness brings enlightenment to active participants at her presentations and sparks interest as it entertains the audience.

The compassion for people, that Suzanne possesses, and her desire to help, is fulfilled through her work as a Reiki Master. Over a decade of Reiki experience enhances the joyful journey of enlightenment for Suzanne and her growing list of clients and students.

Suzanne is dedicated to her numerous adventures and her life with Dr. Mario Lemay, and their growing family, which includes Suzanne’s three beautiful daughters, Brigitte, Chantal and Julie, Mario’s two wonderful children, Karren and Yannick. In 2001 their kind and generous hearts welcomed Keir, Kiefer, and the family dog, Shadow, into their family. October 5, 2010, is another blessed day as Jernie entered the world, and the adventure of grandparenting began for Suzanne and Mario. Life truly IS good.

Suzanne Harmony’s presence is captivating and her ability to use her intuitiveness during her incredible Reiki treatments and powerful presentations allows her to be a LEADER and one of the BEST in her field.