Book (Leap of Faith)

It’s amazing how powerful our thoughts are! So, relieve yourself of staying stuck in a place of doom and gloom; get out your prettiest, wildest, zaniest, calmest, favorite journal; pick up that awesome pen and get busy turning curses into candy and let yourself fall into blissful sleep and enjoy the sweet dreams you’ll experience.

I trust this clearly expresses the subtle; yet, very effective benefits of gratitude. It effortlessly brings you into a positive state of mind, and this positive energy attracts more positive results into your day-to-day life by magically opening many doors of opportunity.

Now that you’re dripping in the sweetness of Faith, Doubt Release and Gratitude; I must remind you that it’s also always wise to…look before you leap!

Remember Your Purpose

Know that you are here to make a difference in the world…each contribution counts.
Fulfill your dreams by believing in yourself, which will, in turn, inspire others to believe in themselves and to fulfill their dreams.

Passion fuels us with endless energy and brilliant new ideas. This is where it’s wise to look before you leap! Sometimes we are so thrilled with our newfound purpose that we forget to look at all the angles, ins and outs, ifs and buts, of the ideas we are receiving before acting upon them. This is when I suggest to people to research the need, within their life or within the community, for this purpose; the longevity and the potential growth of this idea. I also ask if they have had such an experience, or something like it, and if they have found a way to improve it, or make it unique to what they have to offer…their gift. With all the potential pitfalls and setbacks researched, resolved and eliminated; a healthy dose of determination, enthusiasm, enlightenment, courage (faith in motion), and positive support, they are well on their way to success.

Section Two of this book is filled with success stories and inspiration from those who were gracious enough to accept my invitation to express their journey as they took their “Leap of Faith” and moved “From Fear to Fulfillment”.

I also encourage you to find a mentor; to really open your eyes, through the mentors’ experience, before you leap.

You may be “stuck” in a job that is unfulfilling; yet, it pays the bills and offers some health benefits. The silent health risk of not doing something that truly reflects who you are creates the real burden that you are carrying. Do your feet hurt, is your back aching, are your eyes burning? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it would be fair to conclude that you have a burning desire to move forward in life and the fear of the unknown is holding you back and keeping you from freely moving forward in life. This is not uncommon; yet, in taking a moment to listen to your soul, the voice in your head that repeatedly says, “I deserve better, I am worth more, I can do better, I’d rather be somewhere else being of better service, I am…” and writing down all the words that truly express who you are, you’ll be able to create your own mantra. Take it, trust it, have faith in yourself as you grow to know it by heart and soon enough you will live it!

It is of utmost importance to begin your mantra with “I am”. These two words claim your identity, your truth, and your faith in yourself. In starting with anything else, that is also what you will experience. For example, if you choose to start with “I wish” or “I want” you will only ever experience the wishing and wanting of what you desire to experience, and soon you will become frustrated with your mantra, and more than likely give it up. “I am” empowers “I become” and soon enough you are living all that you deserve and desire to experience in life.

A mantra is a very personal and positively powerful tool. Create your own and delight in the empowerment it brings as you take your next step in your journey of life.

Sometimes a song inspires us to succeed. Many songs have pulled me through difficult times, empowered me to change myself, to believe in myself and to honor my self-worth. “Life is Just What You Make It”, “I Am Woman”, “We Are the World”. “I Run”, “Tomorrow”, “I’m Walkin’ On Sunshine’; these are the titles of some of the songs that have inspired me to create changes in myself, accept responsibility for myself, and to experience how positive thinking brings about positive results.

I’m sure you also light up when you here a song that helped you through a challenging time in your life. There are numerous, amazing upbeat songs that drive us to run faster or work harder and achieve our goals. These too are powerful tools.
The tune that has inspired me to create and complete this book is: “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. I play it repeatedly.