November Newsletter

Dearest Friends,

The past two and a half years have been filled with events that have challenged my own words and beliefs that I expressed in my book, “Leap of Faith…From Fear to Fulfillment,” published by iUniverse in October 2008.

June 1st, 2010 I accepted the opportunity to manage the busiest and most forward-moving dental practice that I have ever had the pleasure of working in; Callander Bay Dental Centre. I silently vowed to myself that this would ONLY be for a short while; “definitely not more than two years,” was the secret promise that I made with my soul. With this commitment, I chose to temporarily “put-on-hold” my own very busy and forward-moving Reiki Practice and I temporarily rented out Harmony House. Needless to say, my own advice about the “energetic perils” that we may experience when we are not serving our  highest and passionate purpose (mine is Reiki, Public Speaking, and Writing) began to unfold.

Along with the return, increased frequency, and duration of debilitating migraines and  pseudo-seizures; I also underwent two surgeries. The first one, on Dec 6, 2010, came with a strong recommendation of six weeks rest for full recovery; I allowed myself six days! The second, less serious surgery was on March 4th, 2011. I rested for four days of the recommended two weeks for optimal recovery. I also survived the stressful circumstances of two biopsies with-in that time-frame. A minor motor vehicle accident on September 20, 2011 left me with debilating injuries; my third concussion, my second whiplash, and a slightly torn rotator cuff. My choice to minimize the impact of these injuries began the slippery slope to my severe deterioration… mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically! The kicker came, a stroke! May 24th, 2012.  I was silenced. Immobile. Stopped.  June 1st, 2012 I was released from hospital.  No longer able to work at all.  Wow! The silent contract with myself was fulfilled, 2 years exactly.  Our thoughts are powerful!

So, a new and serious journey to recovery began.  I am grateful to all those who helped me  through this period.  Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, personal reflection, positive mantras, yoga, meditation and focussed diet significantly helped me.  Rebirth, a new self.  I am excited to be back!  I have some residual effects still.  My memory and concentration have been affected the most.  Thankfully I have no serious physical debilitations.

I am forever grateful to all of you for your patience during this challenging time when I could not treat others. So many people; my family, friends, Dr. Leckie and numerous specialists,  have helped me to recover enough to finally be able to resume helping others and focus on my true passions, Reiki, Public Speaking and Writing.

This news letter serves as your invitation to experience the magic of Reiki with Harmony once again.  November’s calendar is open for appointments and I am looking forward to seeing and treating you soon.

Yours in love, light and harmony.


P.S.  New address is: 175 Clara Ct, North Bay. New phone number is: 705-494-0001.  Each 90+ minute session is a $100.00 investment.  As you know, I honour that your Reiki session has it’s own time line.

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